Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Home Pet Visits, Feeding, based around Sittingbourne in Kent. We have been established since 2006 and can offer a highly reliable and experienced service.

Dog Walking & Pet Services

The Paws 'n' Purrs team comprises of Nadine and Annie. The service was established by Nadine in 2006 and joined by Annie in 2014. Based around Sittingbourne we offer a highly reliable and experienced dog walking and cat visiting service in the local area.

We strive to care for your pet’s individual needs

All dogs are walked according to their own personal routine, whether they are full of energy and need a vigorous run in the countryside or in their twilight years and just prefer a gentle stroll.

We are fortunate to have some of the most lovely, secure private dog walking areas with enrichment facilities to make your dogs’ walk as fun and as interesting as possible whilst also giving extra peace of mind for you regarding your dogs’ safety.

We specialise in providing sociable group dog walks and have vast experience in creating a happy and safe atmosphere for the dogs under our care

Home Pet Visits

We also provide home pet visits and fully appreciate the responsibility of you leaving your pet in someone else’s care and trusting them in your home. We provide updates whilst you are away and spend time giving your pet attention and playtime, along with carrying out other small jobs such as putting out the bins.

Understanding and Caring for Your Pet

We have studied dog behaviour and body language and have attended many different courses. We are also trained in First Aid for canines and felines.

Over 20 Years Experience

Our numerous client recommendations speak for us and together we have over 20 years experience of looking after animals.

Full Insurance

We are insured.

Windy Tails Paddock

We also hire out our Windy Tails paddock for those looking for a secure space to practice recall, agility or just have some time out with your dog.

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