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Caring for animals has always been the main factor in my life. For as long as I can remember my life has revolved around caring for animals. I grew up surrounded by various animals in desperate need of a home which my family thankfully provided, alongside our own pet and working dogs.

We had everything from chickens, ducks, cats, ferrets, dogs, goats, cockatiels, rabbits, hamsters and injured or orphaned wild animals that needed help…

As a child, it was my job to walk our dogs for many miles each day, which I loved. However, I never dreamt that one day it would become my career. It has been a dream come true and such a rewarding duty to be entrusted with giving the best possible experience and care to our clients’ animal companions.

An added bonus is that it is a continual learning experience so I take great satisfaction in working with animals to address less desirable behaviours and create a happy and safe environment for them where the focus is on enjoyment. I have also fostered and trained rescue dogs whilst they were waiting to find their forever homes.

I currently have 2 rescue dogs, Bamber and Dodger. Sadly, I recently said goodbye to my beloved 21 year old cat Mia which leaves me now with just one cat called Bertie.


I can’t imagine my life not revolving around caring for animals. For many years my focus was our cats, which were mostly strays or re-homings, a few wildlife rescues and horses. I feel very comfortable around cats and find gaining their trust very rewarding.

In 2008 we adopted our Jack Russel terrier dog from a rescue charity. We called him Moss. This sparked my interest in what makes dogs tick and lead to me attending many lectures and workshops about dog behaviour, welfare and training. I thoroughly enjoyed obedience training classes and dog agility with our dog as he is so enthusiastic about it too. His confidence and training enabled me to volunteer with him for Pets As Therapy visiting a care home. My particular interest is dog behaviour as I feel this is the foundation of our communication with dogs and understanding their needs.

I spent some time working as a receptionist and pet care assistant at a veterinary practice.
I was fortunate to join Paws ‘n’ Purrs in 2014 having known Nadine for several years both as a friend and from her providing pet care for our dog.

I take pride in caring for pets as I would my own and providing safe, stimulating and nurturing experiences for them. It’s a great responsibility but I am grateful to have a career that never feels like a job. It’s wonderful to have made so many Paws ‘n’ Purrs friends which not only includes the clients but all of their lovely pets too.

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